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Condition and symptoms

Rhinorrhea is seen most commonly in rhinitis and is caused by excessive secretions. It usually presents as clear nasal discharge from both nostrils. when thick and discoloured (yellow/green) it may represent a sinus infection.Rarely rhinorrhoea is caused due a leakage of CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) that bathes the brain leaking into the nose.


After a detailed history taken Mrs Bentley will be able to identify the most likely cause of the runny nose. She will need to examine the inside of the nose using an endoscope which she can perform under local anaesthetic spray at the initial consultation. 

Depending on the likely cause of the runny nose further investigations maybe needed. These may include allergy tests, a CT scan of the nose and sinuses and often the discharge is sent for assessment by microbiology ( to see if there is an infection and which specific organism is the cause). The nasal fluid may be sent for a specific test if there is reason to believe the fluid maybe CSF. The treatment pathway will commence at the initial consultation depending of the cause of the rhinorrhoea.

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