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Condition and symptoms

The partition in the middle of your nose is a thin piece of cartilage and bone called the septum. In some people the septum is bent and can block the nose.

Sometimes this can happen through injury, but often it just grows that way. Either way, it can be operated on to straighten it. If you have a blocked nose because of a bent septum, an operation can help you to breathe more easily. 


Only an operation can fix a bent septum, however, Mrs Bentley might prescribe a nasal spray or drops which can help treat swelling in the nose (rhinitis), which might also be making your nose feel blocked. If, in spite of nasal sprays and drops, the nose remains blocked and the deviation of the septum is confirmed by Mrs Bentley, she may suggest an operation to straighten the bent septum, called a Septoplasty.

Deviated Septum: Articles & Resources
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